How pillows contribute to a great night’s rest, every night!

How pillows contribute to a great night’s rest, every night!

We all have a specific way we sleep, with a preference to certain pillows. For some they are soft and fluffy for others, the pillows must be firm, few can remember when this habit began and even fewer know of the importance of having and making use of the correct type of pillows, not only to improve our sleep but also to ensure that we are sleeping healthily – this means not unnecessarily straining our spines to accommodate the lack of straightness due to a bad quality pillow.

best types of pillows to use

Why do we have pillow preferences?

Everyone has a certain way they always fall asleep. It can be laying on your back, stomach or side. Each way accommodates a different preference with regards to pillows to maximize comfort. Studies show that these are the best types of pillows to use for the certain preferences of sleeping:

  • Sleeping on your back – Normally you would want to get a thinner pillow, perhaps with a slight raise just under a third from the pillow base, this will allow comfort, while not pushing your head to far up, helping the spine stay aligned and preventing neck pain.
  • Sleeping on your stomach – This pillow will be even thinner than that of a back sleeper, sometimes you may not even feel the need for a pillow for your head. It is suggested that you should tuck a pillow under your stomach to avoid lower back pain.
  • If you like sleeping on the side – It’s rather simple, you just need a firmer pillow so as to fill in the distance between your ear and your shoulder for comfort.

The natural reaction to comfort might not always be in a position where your spine is straight – as if walking, however, this is mainly due to the development of sleeping habits over the years. The best way to sleep is always with your neck and head in alignment with your spine, which should be straight as it is when you are walking. This will help reduce the chance of back pain and neck pain.

Our main reasons for using pillows, however, are for comfort and support, it can be hard to choose a pillow that works for you. There are so many options and sometimes the softest one is not always the best one.

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What to keep in mind to select the perfect pillow for you.

Is the pillow adaptable? It is a good idea to get a pillow that can shape itself to your unique shape and sleeping pattern, yet still remain firm enough to provide optimal support for your head and neck. A pillow should conform to the shape of one’s head and lesson the strain on any pressure points.

While keeping these properties in mind, of course, still a major factor in your choice of the perfect pillow is the comfortability. Is it soft enough or firm enough? Contributing towards the comfortability of any pillow is the material that it was manufactured from. Do you prefer the soft feel of cotton or the warmth of flannel and so the list goes on!

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When to start looking for a new pillow?

There is no definite length to when it is wise to start the search for your new favorite pillow, it is however recommended that when a pillow goes lumpy or starts to provide less support, leading to restless nights. The time has come to get rid of the old and find the new!

Keep your pillows fresh and in prime condition, don’t let yourself settle for a pillow that isn’t providing the optimal support that your body’s needs. This will ensure less risk of recurring neck and back pain and best of all it means a great night’s rest, every night!

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