How to have a pain free back while sleeping

Busy with work, you feel a bothersome spike of pain originating from your back, however, as quick as it came it is gone again. Time to hit the gym, just as you’re starting the cardio for the day again the pain Is there, pushing it aside you carry on like normal until at the end of the day you lay in bed, it’s there again but this time, the pain is not relenting, now you are losing sleep because you’re in pain and the pain is becoming more intensified because you are losing sleep, it’s a nasty cycle.

pain free back while sleeping

How to have a pain free back while sleeping

Don’t worry although painful, it is reported that back pain is common and in the majority far from severe. There are certain things you can do which may relent some of the pain.

Besides our posture when we grab a drink and sit in front of our computers all day, one of the most negative impacts on our back can be created while in our sleep.

Although evaluating your mattress may seem like a ludicrous idea, keep in mind it is your bodies support for 8 hours of your life every night. Studies show that the average time period we sleep is close to 25 years of our lifespan. It is important to ensure that your mattress is firm enough for both a comfortable nights rest, as well as to keep your spine in the “straight” position that we maintain while we walk.

Some symptoms to keep an eye out for when you have back-pain:

  • Weight-loss
  • A high body temperature (fever)
  • Persistent back pain – never finding relief
  • Pain down the legs
  • Numbness in the lower areas.

These are some of the more serious symptoms, if you are experiencing these it is strongly recommended to go see a doctor.

If you are experiencing mild on and off back-pain, it is highly likely that the hours of work time spent, ultimately slouching in front of a computer paired with improper sleeping positions has led to your spine being strained by not being in the straight position that it should be.

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Back-pain and how your mattress/pillows contribute.

Sleeping with the most fluffy, soft blankets may feel pleasant however it is not always good for you as often these lack the support your body needs while its rest and let’s face it while you are sleeping you are not going to feel the fluffiness now, are you! However, there should be a balance between firmness and softness in your mattress, blankets, and pillows. If your sleeping area is to firm, your muscles will become tense, which leads to muscle strain and you guessed it, that horrible back pain.

Although we all have that “Our bed is the best bed in the world” stereotype. If your bed is both old and unable to support your body or too firm, leading to unnecessary pain, it is time to invest in a new mattress and overcome the stereotype that is hurting you! This also extends to your pillows. Essentially you want a balance that allows you to rest with your spine aligned straight while still being comfortable.

Change Restful Nights To Nights Of Rest

Different sleep postures to try ease back pain.

  • If you prefer sleeping on your side, raise your knees up slightly towards your chest and place a pillow between your knees.
  • If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, put one of your pillows under your lower abdomen and pelvis, this should help to relieve some of the back pain.
  • If you enjoy sleeping on your back, all you have to do is put a pillow under your knees to allow your spine to remain in its natural straight state, thus relieving tension on the spine and reducing back pain.

Although this may not stop the pain completely, it sure should help. Keep in mind the more rest you manage to get, the less pain you will experience!

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