How to rest warmly on those cool nights

Cool weather is perfect for snuggling up with a book, or a movie. Enjoying a good cup of something hot and, of course, don’t forget the chocolate. Traditional winter nights. However, there are certain cases where you may not enjoy these winter nights. When the cold seems to creep up under your blankets, this is when you perhaps wish it was a tad bit warmer. Well, we can’t change the environment but we can help you with tips to keep warm on these nights.

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Tips to warm up before bed

1. Doing some light exercise before bed will help to raise your body temperature. Simple techniques such as breathing and stretching can do the job. Remember you don’t want to do anything too difficult as this will make falling asleep more difficult due to the exercise being done directly before bed.

2. Drink a nice hot cup of tea, herbal tea is highly recommended as this is not only healthy for you but it also does not contain caffeine or sugar, both of which will make it more difficult to fall asleep. However, consuming a warm beverage before bed will help you feel warmer for a short duration – sometimes even long enough for you to fall asleep.

3. Have a nice soothing hot bath or shower, this will fully relax your muscles while raising your body temperature. Not only does this keep you warm, this also promotes falling asleep more quickly due to relaxed muscles.

4. Wear warm – comfortable clothes.

5. Replace lighter linen with thicker/warmer linen.

6. If you don’t mind a slight increase in your electrical bill, A truly amazing investment would be electric blankets. These will help to ensure that you feel toasty when falling asleep. Although it is recommended to not leave on all night as they can consume a significant amount of electricity if this is done repeatedly.

How to keep warm, when you are already in bed:

1. This may be considered an old-fashioned technique, it most certainly works and that is to make use of a hot water bottle. This will help keep your body warm for approximately an hour or two at a time, this is plenty time for you to fall asleep feeling perfectly warm.

2. If you have a partner that you share the bed with, sharing body heat is a profitable way to stay warm easily. Just make sure they don’t mind the cuddling ;).

3. If you are finding that you are getting extremely cold, block any openings into your room with blankets or thick materials, these will help to eliminate those cold drafts that manage to sneak into your perfectly comfortable and warm bed.

There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night and shivering due to the creeping cold, however following these tips and techniques it may heavily reduce the chance of this happening to you, or if it still does help you, at least, allow you to warm up and fall asleep quicker than before.

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