Is Your Mattress Ruining Your Sex Life?

Every one of us is aware of the havoc of mattress can wreak our sleep and other issues. What about a best mattress for sex, does it make sense? Probably, many of us are still unaware of how a mattress impact our sex life and how investing a best mattress can improve our sex life. If recently you may have a lackluster sex life, your mattress can be a culprit. To know whether your current mattress is running our sex life or not? Just read the signs below:

Is Your Mattress Ruining Your Sex Life

Lack of Bounce

Normally if a mattress is in good condition, it is bouncy a bit. Also, the bounce varies, depending on certain material. Generally, latex can be best at providing bounce. This bounce makes the mattress react to your movements well. Hence, the mattress will be a participant in your sex activities. That means every movement you make will create a good rhythm with the mattress.

Wear and Tear

Over time, your mattress won’t stay the same. It may be getting worn somewhere. The common wear and tear can be indentations, lumpiness or sagging in the middle section of the mattress. These causes you discomfort when lying, even though your sexual activities do not last 6 – 8 hours per night like sleeping. What makes worse is many sexual positions require the edge support. If it has been sagged in the middle section, it is more prone to collapse when having vigorous activities on it.

Loss of Good Firmness

A pretty firm mattress would be more ideal for this intimate activities. Whether you are in missionary positions or acrobatic positions, you will be kept on the top of the mattress, instead of feeling having sex in quicksand. However, after a while of using, your mattress may have loosen some degree of firmness. This may make you feel stuck in in.

Having Squeaky Sounds

Mostly, this issue is often caused by old mattresses that can no longer withstand any vigorous activities. The squeaky sounds made by the mattress during sex can make your partner feel uncomfortable, even the unwanted sounds can shame both of you. In some cases, this can destroy your partner’s mood that she or he just want to stop the process as soon as possible.

Best Mattress For Sex


Dirty Mattress

Your crummy old mattress can also contribute to your partner’s unready mood for sex. That’s because most people crave for romantic feels when having sex. Many people try to do things that can make their partner seductive. For instance, a mattress scattered with millions of rose petals may become a catalyst and an aphrodisiac for sex. Meanwhile, a dirty mattress may make both of you difficult to set the mood for sex.

Odors or Unpleasant Smells

Many people are very sensitive to smells. Many feel dizzy or even nauseous if they smell something unpleasant. Is this relatable to mattress and sex? Obviously it’s yes. Odors are generally contained in new mattress, which may disappear with a couple of days. However, if you use your mattress when the odors still remain, you may feel dizzy or nauseous. Imagine that you and your partner are in the mood for sex but then the unpleasant smell make you or your partner want to vomit, it must be embarrassed.


It is obvious that a best mattress would play as a catalyst for sex. The nice look of the mattress make people want to jump in there. This can be called a seductive thing. And, the good condition of the mattress will well coordinate with any your sexual positions.

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