Tips to cleaning a memory foam mattress topper

Cleaning mattress toppers, in general, can be awkward and difficult, this is, however, essential. Keeping a casual cleaning pattern for your mattress topper will help the mattress topper have a longer time period of providing high-quality support. Saving your money at the same time through having to replace far less often.

Clean a Memory Foam mattress topper

What you will need to begin cleaning a memory foam mattress topper?

  • Either a hand vacuum or regular vacuum (If possible with a soft brush attachment).
  • Detergent.
  • Water.
  • Spray bottle.
  • If doing outside a spray attachment for a hose.
  • If doing inside a spray attachment for your shower head (this will be when doing it in the bath).
  • Distilled white vinegar.
  • Hair dryer or electric dryer.

Let’s get cleaning, a step by step guide

  1. Using the vacuum cleaner as well as soft brush attachment, vacuum the foam thoroughly.
  2. Place mattress topper in a position where you are going to be washing it, if outside ensure it lays on a clean platform to prevent outdoor dirt affecting it such as mud. Also, ensure that it is close to a source of water.
  3. Mix a third of detergents with two-thirds of water in the spray bottle.
  4. Standing the foam on end, spray the entire front and back sides with the spray mixture of detergent / water. Note, this job may be a lot simpler with two people. One to hold and one to spray.
  5. Allow the mattress topper to sit for 30 minutes after spraying.
  6. Using either the hose or detachable shower attachment, rinse the mattress topper with clean water.
  7. Fold the mattress topper in half to squeeze out excess water DO NOT twist or wring the foam as this can cause permanent damage to the mattress topper.
  8. Empty out the spray bottle, clean it and mix again with a fifth being vinegar and four-fifths being water.
  9. Repeat step 4. With vinegar mixture.
  10. Repeat step 6. Rinse the mattress topper thoroughly with clean water.
  11. If air circulation is a problem, or you are pressed for time. You can decrease the total drying time by using a hair dryer on its lowest temperature (higher temperatures may cause damage).
  12. Finally, ensure the mattress topper is completely dry if so put it back on your mattress!


Removing those nasty stains

If you are in a situation where you believe that you don’t require to fully clean the mattress topper just yet, however, there is a stain you would like to remove. Here are some tips on how to do this while not damaging your memory foam mattress topper:

  • Dampen the stain in question with plain water, after which sprinkle with “dry boric acid”, which can be found in the grocery store under the laundry isle. Lightly with a sponge, apply circular motions to the stain until it is gone. After which, use a hair dryer (on low setting) or vacuum with the soft brush attachment to complete the cleansing.
  • Use an enzymatic pet stain remover (such as Petzyme – this is available largely at pet stores), after letting it sit for 15 minutes apply damp cloth. When it is completely dry. Vacuum with a vacuum cleaner.
  • If this fails, or is way too much effort – which are both completely normal. One can contact a professional mattress cleaning agency to come do the work for you.

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