Ways to promote falling asleep

As annoying as tossing and turning all night, every night is, this is not the worst. Sleep patterns play a huge role in our performance in our everyday lives. Lack of sleep may cause inability to control emotions, poor quality performance at work and difficulty in social empathy. If you are one who often finds those early morning hours coming far too quickly, here are a few tips to help you get that night’s rest that you need.

Ways to promote falling asleep

Tips to making falling asleep a much easier habit

Firstly and for some, this may be the most extreme, however, if you wish to fall asleep quickly. It is strongly advised to avoid LED’s for an hour before you are going to sleep – and yes, this includes the TV and phones. Fear not we have less serious techniques!

Trick your brain

This is similar to reverse phycology, however, you’re using it against yourself, or rather your brain. If you challenge yourself to stay up as late as you possibly can while lying in bed. How to do this is to repeat to yourself that you will not fall asleep, keeping your eyes open. The brain is not a strong processor of negatives which will lead to tiring of eye muscles quickly. This is due to the brain interpreting your instructions instead of: “I will not sleep” to that of a command to go to sleep.

Roll your eyes

It is said that, when closing your eyes, rolling the ball of your eyes three times, simulates what you do naturally when falling asleep and may help you trigger the “night-night” chemical in your brain – melatonin.

Go through your day

This may sound ridiculous and boring, however, it does indeed work. Start at the waking point of your day and go through to the point where you climbed into bed that night. Including all the boring and simple details or tasks that you did. If you manage to get to the end of the day without falling asleep, then you were on Facebook just before sleeping ;).

Use your imagination

Often it helps to let your imagination run wild while your eyes are closed. Letting your imagination run wild while dozing off helps to promote a healthier, more creative mind while at the same time promoting falling asleep. Often your imagination and your dreams will blend together and before you know it you will be fast asleep!

Find your button

Note – this sounds completely absurd. However, it does seem to work. Every night as you feel yourself dozing off, perform a simple movement such as rubbing your nose. After doing this repeatedly over multiple nights, it will develop into a switch. When doing it once this happens, it will help convince your brain that it is time to shut down and prepare for the next day!

Take a golden breather

Similar to meditation, controlling your breathing. Breathing slower at a steady pace will help you to fall asleep. This is a natural method to falling asleep, it may be difficult to achieve for the first attempts, however once you do achieve it, you will always be able to do it.

Get rid of all the negative mindsets before climbing into bed

By this we are of course not referring to just vanquish your worries all at once and then sleep – oh if only that were possible. However, it is reported that when trying to fall asleep, mentally going over all the things that you may be worrying about is a major cause of things such as insomnia. To help prevent this from happening to you, it is suggested to perhaps write down all your worries on a piece of paper before going to sleep.

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