What is the right amount of time to sleep?

While growing up we are constantly lectured and taught, through our teachers, parents, siblings, family, and friends about the importance of sleep and the impact that it may have on our lives. Now, just sleeping “X” many hours a day – does not mean that you are sleeping healthily.

right amount of time to sleep

Key things to consider when sleeping include the duration of your sleep, are you sleeping enough or are you sleeping too much? The quality of your sleep, every morning when you wake up, do you remain groggy and pessimistic or are you optimistic to the day ahead? These are all vital.

However, today we are going to sharpen your perception on what exactly is the “correct” amount of time for you to sleep to maintain a healthy sleeping routine. Not only for you, but also for your children as well as for teens in general.

The right amount of sleep for babies/children

This is a question often asked by new parents, we have a list below with values that fairly represent the hours of sleep that should be obtained, with regards to the age of the child.

  • One-month-old – A total of 16 hours of sleep, eight during the day (this will be random and inconsistent), and eight hours at night.
  • Three months old – A total of 15 hours of sleep, 10 of which are at night, the other five of which are generally timed out through three naps a day.
  • Six months old – A total of 14 hours and 15 minutes approximately of sleep is perfect, 11 hours at night as well as three hours and 15-minute naps, this is generally through two naps taken a day.
  • Nine months old – A total of 14 hours of sleep, 11 hours at night, with two naps which make up 3 hours of sleep during the day.
  • 12 months old – a total of 13 hours and 45 minutes approximately, 11 hours and 15 minutes of which are slept at night, the remaining two and a half hours are used up during the day through two separate naps.
  • Two years old – A total of 13 hours of sleep is healthy, 11 of which are spent at night while in bed. The final two hours, however, will be slept through during the day.
  • Three years old – A total of 12 hours a day, 10 hours and 30 minutes are slept through at night while the remaining 1 hour and 30 minutes are used up during the day.

Now it’s easy to explain what the perfect amount of sleep is for your child, but it’s harder to keep tabs and ensure that these hours are kept. There are certain signs that you can see to better understand when your child is suffering from lack of sleep and these are:

• Does your child fall asleep almost every time he / she is in a car?
• When your child wakes up in the mornings, is it on his / her own accord or because you had to wake him / her up.
• During the day, does your child seem overly moody or irritable?

If your answer was yes to any of this questions, then there is a high chance that your child should try to get some more sleep.

The right amount of time to sleep for teenagers

Teenagers are most certainly the highest cause of sleep deprivation, this is to themselves not even talking about that of which they cause for their parents! Reports show that most teens manage to obtain an average of 7 – 7 and a half hours of sleep when really, they need between 9 – 9 and a quarter hours of sleep. This is made a difficult task to keep due to the early school hours, school work and social obligations and so forth.

Some consequences that teenagers suffer from due to lack of sleep:

• Mood, lack of sleep may make it difficult for emotion control, leading to irritable, cranky moods often leading to a far faster approach to spurts of anger.
• Behavior, it is shown that a large majority of teens that suffer from lack of sleep, involve themselves in odd behaviors – such as drinking, driving fast and other such similar, dangerous ventures.
• Cognitive Ability, lack of sleep leads to a negative impact on the brain, this means the lack of ability towards memory, decision making, reaction time, and creativity – all of which are vital for school.

It’s important to ensure that you get enough sleep to help decrease the chance of any negative impact on both your personal life as well as your school life.

Adults, what’s the best amount of sleep for your body

Whether you believe it or not, the sleep time that allows you to be at your peak. Remains the same as it was when you were a teenager. Although, there is a greater leniency in the range of time from 7 – 9 hours. This will ensure you are fully optimized to have a productive and good day, without feeling tired or groggy. However, when you are above the age of around 65, the amount of sleep that your body requires decreases by an hour.

Keep in mind the correct time’s that you and your family should be sleeping to try to promote a healthier, friendlier and more productive lifestyle. Following the information in this article should lead you one step closer to this goal.

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