Why mattress toppers are a good investment

mattress toppers are a good investment

Although it is good practice, investing in a new mattress every 8-10 years can take a bit of a toll financially, let’s face it, they are not the cheapest to constantly keep buying, luckily, however, there is an alternative solution in the form of a mattress topper.

What is a mattress topper and why would it be worth investing in?

Investing In a mattress topper is a brilliant venture if you do not already know a mattress topper is a form of removable bedding that sits on top of your mattress. The primary aim of a topper is to improve not only the comfortability of the mattress but also the support that the mattress gives. There are various materials used in the production of toppers, including:

  • Wool – This is claimed to boost REM sleep by 25%
  • Horsehair – Durable, resistant to sweat. Also provides a firm support for your mattress.
  • Silk – suffer allergies such as dust? This then is the way to go, Dust mites hate silk and, therefore, will never be a problem!
  • Alpaca – These fibers are extremely comfortable and soft, also moderates temperature and is great for those with allergies as it is hypoallergenic.

Mattress toppers also come in a range between two inches to four inches. The 3-inch topper is the most commonly purchased topper. It provides perfect support on a firm mattress, helps with pressure relief on your back and joints and best of all and is completely affordable.

Though the 2-inch provides less support, it is perfect if you are one with a smaller build, it is also the cheapest option. The 4-inch is ideal for those who need more support and can even be used extensively in environments such as camping where one has to sleep on the floor.

Mattress toppers providing a more restful sleep experience.

Explaining what a mattress topper is, is all great but why would you want it, how does it help promote a more restful night. If you are uncomfortable with your bed, due to it being perhaps to saggy. The mattress topper can provide a more stable, firm foundation thus improving the comfortability.

More important if you are suffering from any kind of pain whilst sleeping that involves the back or neck, even if the mattress in question is not the primary fault for the pain. The topper will provide a more stable environment, thus helping your body to maintain a good posture while sleeping. This, in turn, reduces the stress on your spine, providing a relief to the pain that may startle you first thing in the morning.

Is the mattress topper indestructible?

Like all objects that are used plenty and often, the mattress topper does undergo wear and tear. The quality of the mattress topper will dictate how long it will last. A top quality topper can last anywhere between 7 – 10 years. Making it more than worthwhile to invest in as even a lower quality topper can last up to four years!

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